24 March 2021

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Sometimes fitness is talked about with reference to body building. This makes it look like men-affairs. When we talk about fitness that has to do with body building and muscular enlargement, men get more interest into it because naturally they love muscular building through physical exercises. Obviously, few women are interested in that. We do rarely see females commonly engaging in fitness exercises like weightlifting. This does not mean that females are not involved in it. And fitness exercises are not all about muscular building, rather holistic body building. It could be through lifting, marathon running, speed swimming, or martial arts training, field games etc.


Fitness exercises give one that healthfulness; the ability to perform physically: walk outs, skipping, squatting, stretching running, jumping etc. it is also psychological capacity of concentration in activities; stretching of the mind’s to be able to actively focus and think about the important aspects of life. It gets spiritual when one through body control and mind’s concentration, can seek an ever-improving lifestyle beyond his or her current state of being. Fitness is the act of being healthy in body, mind, and spirit. And achieving this fitness takes more than body control. These three components must work together. This means that all humans could achieve fitness through exercises following a method or program. Fitness could be done by both genders. It is recommendable for all genders, though there are factors that make it more possible to a gender in respect to the other.


Women fitness and sports have not been a historical program given that sports were not seen as a women thing. Women were not allowed the opportunities to be involved in sports, but as time goes by, we have witnessed a tremendous growth in the opportunities for women in sport and fitness. In recent years, women lead in sporting events, the world sports governing bodies have made so much progress in establishing and organizing sporting events for women. They are being involved in Olympics and athletes, more than ever, with so much success.

Women’s participating in sports has more to do with cultural diversity too. Some cultures were not in support and some religions prohibit it too. But as the world evolves, many rules are relaxed, many lessons are learnt, and the changing world incorporates a change in attitude. It is not surprising now that we have female world sports competitions, powerful and successful female athletes, coaches, and technicians today. In fact, sports today have no gender. We all are involved, because we all want to be healthy, live good lives, and have pleasure of recreative entertainments. We must note that more women should be encouraged to get involved in physical exercises in other to improve their health. They are human beings and have the same need for good health. It must not be a professional fitness program nor professional sporting activity.

Even individual females now see the importance of doing fitness and other physical exercises, having seen the immense benefits sports give to them.

Sports is a human thing, and females should not see themselves less by desisting to be involved in it. Both in elite competition or simply participation for fitness, females should embrace and love sports. However, it is true that there are many factors taken into considerations before one is involved in sports as it is an energy sapping program. We are not forgetting that in rural areas of the world, it is difficult to engage women in fitness and sports because of their everyday fatigue in manual labour and everyday fatigues. It becomes more unlikely if the women are those who are constringed to daily labour or petty trading to fend for their families. They will find no space for fitness and sports. Let us look at various factors that are responsible for lower participation of women in sports and fitness exercises.


Females are faced with challenges concerning their body and nutritional lifestyles. Some women at an adult age begin to experience many changes in the body. Female body metabolism naturally slows down, which often leads to a steady weight gain. The changes in a woman differs from those of men, especially if the woman is a mother. As years go by, the changes affect the heart and the blood vessels. 

The heart tends to enlarge slightly, developing thicker walls and slightly larger chambers. This increase in size is mainly due to an increase in the size of individual heart muscle cells. This is different from men. When a woman starts experiencing this, she will need certain factors that will optimize the metabolism. At this point, sound fitness program or exercise helps fight this by revamping the metabolism, helping to keep off the extra pounds.


According to an American Academy of family physicians, regular exercises or fitness programs provide a great array of medical health benefits which includes lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases, preventing diabetes, improving mood and cognitive functions, and reducing mortality.

Some benefits of female participation in fitness exercise and sports include the following:

1. It helps them maintain a healthy weight

2. Powerful brain booster

3. Reduces oxidative stress

4. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

5. Diminishes the chance of breast cancer

6. Energy booster

7. Activates and boost the body metabolism

8. Reduces and possibility healing obesity

9. Revives the appetite

10. Optimize physical performance

11. Lowers the risk of developing fibroid.

12. Ward off disease and promotes good mental health

13. Reduces the risk of endometrial cancer

14. Moderates the chance of ovarian cance

Other than medical benefits of exercises, there are other benefits of female participation in fitness and sports. Participating in fitness exercises and regular sports improves health and mental being of the women. It is makes them more agile and alert in their daily activities. At first, it might be so difficult and fastidious, but constant exercise and training keeps the body fit and healthy. Through fitness and sports, the relational aspect or social relationships of women gets highly improved. This is because sports are relational or social programs give room for interactions. It brings people together and create the aura for discussions, interpersonal relations, and team working. Sporting activities bring the opportunity for creative learning processes which could also be applied in daily work or daily life of the woman.

Other than socializing, it brings different cultures together and provide a platform of learning different cultural behaviours which are informative. Many female professional athletes today have been exposed to many languages and have become, after professional sports life, ambassadors to their various nations and in various capacities have promoted sports. Sports bring personal life improvements as regards social behaviour.


Fitness program deals with defining one’s exercise and nutritional program, setting one’s personal fitness goals, and then executing it with perfect nutritional plans. Finding the right nutritional programs for female athletes helps and will attract a lot of women into fitness and sports. Fitness as we have seen during this write up, is not only for weight loss. It is all about the health. Thus, nutritional products will help the programs to have effects. There are few nutritional programs recommended for women:

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Here are some fitness programs to help women acquire the five specific components which are:

a. Cardiorespiratory fitness

b. Muscular strength

c. Muscular endurance

d. Body composition

e. Flexibility

And to say that someone is physically fit is by determining how well the person can perform in each of the components.

In fitness programs, strength training helps shape and tighten up a woman’s body, giving her a more fit look.


Finally, no matter what you are attempting to accomplish in life, it is always good idea to take the time to define and specify your plan along with a set of associated goals. And the fact that a woman has made the decision to take an active approach to her personal fitness, involving in a fitness program is the first step.