25 March 2021

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Periodic rest and recovery time in Sports and Fitness

Periodic rest and recovery


In every aspect of sports, there are always time mapped out for break for athletes. Even in various sports competitions intervals of rest is given from one event to another. This says much about our human nature and how human body. It is a way of noting that our bodies are no machines nor are we robots. Human body is a nature system that must observe a nature-functional process. But before we go more into the various subtopics on the need for rest in sports or fitness exercises, let us know why the human body need rest during sports or training exercises.


After training or before major competitions, athletes and fitness personnel take break time for different reasons. In football, for instance, players have vacation period, for different purposes. The first intention being for recuperation from strenuous drilling and consistent performance during games and competitions. This is to relax their bodies and give their bodies much-needed time to rebuild their energy and replace some worn out tissues. It is necessary for them for uttermost or great performance, as we will discuss in this article. So many of them also have families and loved ones, and rest time could be time to reunite with families and share some family values. Apart from this, on strict sports basis, athletes should use the periodic rest to allow their muscles to repair and restore. Below are the factors that could prompt need for rest:

1. Renewal of enthusiasm and energy

As I mentioned at above, rest gives the athletes and players time to replenish their body systems and allow their worn-out muscle cells to rebuild. It is a period to work on the psychology of the athletes too, allowing them to rebuild their brain stimulus to respond better to the demands of their various sports. The mind and the body must be in consonance for a great performance. This rest period gives the athlete time of renewal of enthusiasm. Many athletes, after some preseason rest, rear to go! This is not just because they lack actions, but because they have been able to recuperate their lost confidence and are now in high spirit to perform better. As I have also pointed out, our body needs time to replace some damaged muscle cells and tissues in the body, which must have been the cause for lack of adequate performance. The period of rest help in the restoration of the body energy. For this reason, the athletes have more energy to burn after an adequate rest period.

2. Avoid Injuries

When the body is weak, it loses its ability to work properly. If the cells are weak, the body energy is diminished, and this exposes the athlete to injuries. So many athletes have ended their careers because of injuries picked up because of lack of rest. Lack of rest is a danger to sports and fitness programs. Strained muscles become so delicate and exposed, and weakened psychological state can not evade dangers when they come. For this, resting the athletes or players after some consistent performances is not just a welcome idea but a necessary idea to maintain optimal performances in sports.

3. Allows time for recovery

After games, many coaching staff deem it necessary to take a day off training. This short period of rest could be the magic wand to amazing performances. It allows the athletes to recover very well and position them well for the next game. Even in the body fitness programs, it is not advisable to continue while the body does have the ability to continue. The time for recovery will heal not only the body but the psyche of the athlete.

4. Prevents muscle fatigue

While we talk about restoration of worn-out tissues and cells to build the muscle and body energy, it is great to know that adequate rest also helps in preventing muscle fatigue. When the body gets enough rest, the cells are replaced leading to prevention of fatigue. The health of the athletes is managed well and maintain to avoid running out of form. Interval rests prevent break down in health because of muscle fatigues. Rest is needed to restore muscle glycogen and optimize energy.

5. Improves performance

We have noted that the body is not a machine constructed to function in every condition. Some machines work well in a climatic condition and work less in a certain condition. While I try not to compare the body with the machine, it is pertinent to point out that some conditions could make the athlete work better, and one of these conditions is rest. Enough rest Improves the athletes and renew their physical and psychological health, putting them in better conditions for maximum performance.


There are so many signs that a player or an athlete needs rest. Managers always pay attention to his athletes and players while in training and in competitions. This enables him to note when to give rest to a player. But what are the signs or conditions that could warrant rest within a sport camp for players, athletes, or fitness persons? There are 4 most obvious reasons why players or athletes really need rest. Here below, we briefly discuss them.

1. Pains

When an athlete feels pain, there is danger that he or she could not continue. Pains can lead to under performance, and in most cases, greater injuries. To protect an athlete and to help improve his health and ability to perform, once there are signs of pain, the athlete must be withdrawn. It means the athlete need to have some rest before continuing if the pains are minor. Aggravating the pain could lead to disaster. Resting a player with sign of pain could also save the whole team from disaster of losing games.

2. Injuries

Injuries are destructive to sports and fitness programs. As I have already noted, the health of the athletes should be prioritized. Players should be protected. They should be saved from destroying their careers while performing with injuries. Sometimes, so many players and athletes, out of their enthusiasm or passion for the sports, want to continue playing even with injuries. There are cases some athletes were being injected with pain relief drugs during injuries, to keep them in the field of play. It could be because they are the best in the camp or in the team, and for the interest of the team. But this is wrong. An injured athlete must be rested. It is for the sake of the player and the team as well. Playing an injured player cannot give maximum result to the team. For individual fitness persons, working with injury is a danger to the target one wants to achieve. Rest must be observed during injury.

3. Fatigue

When there is fatigue, no one performs to his peak. Fatigue can be dangerous to the sports if proper care is not taken. Fatigue could lead to injury and health issues. It could also lead to lost of focus and psychological capacity to perform in sports. Fatigue renders the body weak, and obscures movement, weakening the muscles.

4. Reduce performance

When forms drop, one of the ways to redeem the situation is just to grant rest to the athletes. Resting does great good on the body and helps the body to recover for utmost performance.


Periodical resting or injury recovery resting does not mean lack of activities. During rest, the body must be functional also to maintain a correct process of recovery. There are various relaxing activities necessary during the period of rest. Below are some things one needs to do during resting period. Some recovery techniques include the following:

1. Cardio Exercises: some cardio, like press-up is necessary during rest. It helps the body to maintain the pumping of the blood and keeps the heart working normal.

2. Nutrition: nutrition plays major part during rest and recovery. It is important to eat the right food and take the right supplements for adequate recovery.

3. Posture: Trying to maintain certain good postures as a way of exercise can help during periodical rest. It will be wonderful learning important posture as exercise during rest.

4. Running: few minutes of running could help during rest. If an athlete should take 30 minutes of running every morning and evening, it will be extremely helpful in energy recovery and boost of confidence too.

5. Weight loss: while rest is important in sports and fitness, weight can be an issue if it is not controlled. Weight loss during periodic rest is particularly important for maintenance of form.

6. Stretching: stretching allows the body muscles to stay in shape while recovery takes on. Stretching is one of the lesser energy consuming activities, and it helps the athlete to maintain form too. A concentrated 15 minutes stretching will help the rest. It is the best muscle recovery techniques for athletes because and it improves the flow of blood to the muscles.

7. Music: another necessary activity is using music as tool for rest. Whether it is listening to good music for balancing the psychological state of the athlete or dancing to the music as a form of exercise. It helps in the enhancing of the muscle and optimizing the body metabolism

8. Sleep: Periodic sleep during rest is necessary to reboot the brain neurons. Sleep in an enhancer to consciousness and restores the ability to focus. Studies show that at least 8 to 10 hours per night, and 30 minutes nap during the day is necessary antidote to healthy body.

9. Walking: taking few minutes’ walk during the rest period is advised. It is important technique for recovery and rest during off-season or injury recovery too.

Best nutrition during rest and recovery

While other forms of activities could be great for a resting athlete or a sports player during recovery, nutrition plays great and important role too. Nutrition is the fuel that helps the body to stabilize and rebuild for best performance. Good nutrition helps in replacing fluid and electrolytes lost when during the light workout, running or stretching. It helps to promote muscle repair while boosting the immune system. Thus, resting athletes or recovering players need enough fluid, electrolytes, carbohydrates, and protein for easy and fast recovery. Doing some “food prep” with vegetables, whole grains, and proteins, will leave you with plenty of healthy options during rest, recovery or vacation period.

1. The body needs fewer calories during rest days. There should be in carbohydrates.

2. The resting athlete needs at least 20g of protein with combination of some fat. Proteins in meat, dairy, nuts, grains and beans are necessary during rest and recovery period.

3. Fluid is required in rest days. As I already stated above, drinking enough water will help to restore the body mechanism. At least 2 liters of water a day is advised. Fluid is critical to health, energy, recovery, and performance. Athletes must pay attention to hydration levels even off competitions.

4. Consummation of antioxidant food, like Green leafy vegetables, helps the body during rest. It decreases inflammation and helps to heal in the can of injury recovery. Athletes should focus on foods high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.