21 March 2021

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The magic of drinking a glass of ginger

A Glass of Ginger Juice


I wake up every morning drinking a cup of ginger water that I prepared the previous night. It has become a routine for me for over 4 years now. A glass cup of ginger-soaked water every morning to begin my day before fitness exercises or training. It is queer right? I never thought about such an incredible benefit it could have to my overall health. Sometimes I do mix it with garlic for higher efficiency. You will not believe the power of this simple and cheap organic stuff!

I grew up in the eastern part of Nigeria, West Africa. I remember during my childhood how we plant many roots that we used

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for preparation of food. Some of them are planted in the garden around the house for easy access in time of need. But as a child I saw these organic stuffs as ingredients for soup or stew, giving to the kind of food we eat. Some of these include ginger, pepper, garden eggs etc. We got used to them not because we knew their benefits, but because our parents used them to cook. It has strong, pungent flavor which could be great for dishes. Ginger is highly rated for its medicinal value and as a result has been over harvested from the wild to a point just short of total extinction. I wonder if the children of today can recognize the ginger plants. People really did not understand what a valuable plant it was then!


Ginger is the stuff you have been neglecting

While we advance in age and as the result of our involvement in sporting activities, and higher study in food nutrition, we discover that some of these organic materials were every effective for body fitness, especially ginger and garlic. Though sometimes our parents used them in place of drugs, like eating it raw to stop vomit, and the feeling of Nausea and Dizziness or drowsiness. Growing up and studying more on food nutrition, especially in sports and athletics I discovered more on repairing and relieving muscular soreness and building of body cells because it has components like polysaccharides, lipids, organic acids, and raw fibers. It became something I could not skip every morning. Sometimes I have to squeeze some lemons into it and to make it tasty, I add some spoons of natural honey, depending on the quantity. Believe me, this works magic. It is important to know that we have stuffs like these around our environment that can boost our health and performances in sports and in ordinary daily activities. One may not know how much he could pay for a great heath!

Components of Ginger

Ginger is a flowering plant with broad rhizomes or creeping root stalks. These rhizomes are commonly used in foods and beverages for their characteristic pungency and piquant or as spices and a folk medicine. Ginger is a herbaceous perennial plant and grows about one-meter tall bearing narrow leaf blades. It belongs to the family Zingiberaceae, like Aframomum melegueta common in Africa, turmeric, alligator pepper, guinea grains, or guinea pepper, cardamom, and galangal. Studies show that ginger has several terpene components such as β-bisabolene, α-curcumene, zingiberene, α-farnesene, and β-sesquiphellandrene, considered to be the main constituents of ginger essential oils.

Let us come down to where we began, that is waking up in the morning and taking a cup of water mixed with ginger extracts! This has many benefits and can immediately relieve one from morning sickness and induce one’s metabolism into function. Taking ginger water or supplement an endurance exercise is just a magic!

Where can we find Ginger roots or ginger supplements?
 Marvelous ginger powder

Ginger can be commonly found in supermarkets and open organic fruit shops around us in different forms such as: fresh root, or in dried, powdered form. It could be in forms supplements too. One could prepare a fresh tuber of ginger with grinder, mixing with adequate quantity of water, and extracting the juice with a filter, storing it in a bottle, or getting some ginger extracts in supplements. For more preservation, it could be stored in the fridge to retain the freshness. A glass of this mixture every morning is a magic that boosts the body muscles. Remember, ginger is an anti-inflammatory

Other benefits of drinking a cup of ginger juice or supplements every morning:

  • 1. Effective reduction of pain and swelling caused by rheumatic disorders.2. Reduction of formation of blood clots in your arteries and veins that could have been incurred during injuries while training or in games3. As already pointed out, as anti-inflammatory, ginger lowers insulin resistance and induce blood sugar improvement in diabetic athletes4. It boosts body metabolism and helps from suffering high blood pressure and risks of heart attack. Ginger is high in gingerol, a substance antioxidant property.5. Indigestion can affect performance in sports or physical fitness. Ginger relieves one from the problems of indigestion.6. For female athletes, especially those with menstrual pains, ginger can be of great help, easing the pain while relieving them from health distractions.7. Constant intake of ginger can help to fight off infections, protect one from cancer because of the presence of 6-gingerol.

    8. Ginger lowers the level of cholesterol!

Now you do not have to pass an organic food shop without checking out for raw ginger tubers. But remember you can achieve all these great fits from ginger supplements. There are many ginger supplements that can help to boost your metabolism in sports. There are many online stores where you can get the best, like in amazon, eBay etc. check out these wonderful products in The Best Ginger drinks around

You can search for the following:

1. Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger, Bioperine, for occasional Joint Pain Relief

2. NOW Supplements, Ginger Root (Zingiber official) 550 mg, Digestive Support, 100 Veg Capsules.

3. Pure Synergy Organic SuperPure Ginger Extract (60 Capsules) w/Shogaols

4. Nature’s Bounty Ginger Root Pills and Herbal Health supplements

5. Nature’s Way Premium Formal Ginger Root 550 mg, 180 V caps, Pack of 2.


There are many other wonderful ginger supplements we could find online through amazon.com or eBay.com these supplements can complement the dietary plans you have already put in place for his or her sporting activities. All athletes seek help to blood purifying and cleansing ingredients which works wonders in removing toxins and waste from the body to keep him fit and gives him great performance. Here we have revealed a secret to immune system improvements too. This little organic food stuff, not only works internally, it is a “skin smoother”, so you are going to benefit from this powerful mixture which is also rich in vitamin C.


  1. Turmeric Curcumin with Ginger
  2.  True potential
  3.  Testogen supplement



written by Linus IhebirinachiGood early in the morning before fitness